you’re applying for,
site reliability engineer
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what you will do?
  • improve our scalable, fault-tolerant and resilient cloud infrastructure
  • design / implement the ideal infrastructure roadmap backed by a robust security and compliance plan
  • translate our business vision into a forward-looking secure scalable infrastructure strategy
  • collaborate across technical and business functions to bolster and achieve business objectives
you should apply if you:
  • have experience managing large, complex infrastructure deployments / distributed systems with 2-5 years of experience
  • come with experience or an interest in managing highly compliant financial services infrastructure and ensure the continuance of compliance against regulatory guidelines
  • have designed and implemented security practices in infrastructure previously or are interested to do so
  • understand the ecosystem around microservice architecture with regards to IAC, CI/CD, HA and monitoring
  • are interested to advance our current stack which consists of Java, Golang, Python, Node.js, Docker, Cloudformation, Pulumi, Jenkins, ECS/Fargate, Datadog, Victoria Metrics etc

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